Tracy Y. Robbins is the Chief Executive Officer and Governmental Relations Director for the firm and serves as the Chief Executive Officer for all locations within the US.  

When you or love one of your loved ones are charged with a criminal offense don't trust your freedom with inexperience.    Robbins, Sheriff, Carlson, Spencer & Associates, Inc. an Anthony L Robbins & Associates Company only hire the top investigators to look into your case.  With more than a century of combined experienced Investigators investigating criminal defense cases on our clients' behalf.

Thaddeus D. Jones is the Communications Director and serves as the firms Chief Process Server and serves as the firms Background Coordinator.  

We'll help you find your way.

Dr. Anthony L Robbins is the Chief Investigator and Vice-President of Operations for the firm.  Robbins, has over 20 plus years of investigative experience and specializes in Homicide Investigations and Investigating Police Misconduct Cases with a background in Forensic Crime Scene Investigations